Sunday, October 19, 2008

New baby - new sleep pattern

We are home and so blessed - I keep looking at my family and my life and realize daily how much I need to change and become more like Jesus - I seem to feel more messed up each time I look at my savior. He has blessed me with a great family and a beautiful wife and 2 beautiful kids. God has journeyed us through times of feasting and times of famine. Both have been blessings looking back now and seeing how he has changed us to be more like him. That is great it just seems like each step I feel like I have so much more to go to be like Jesus. Now dont think that I am always focused and constantly walking towards teh heart of God - I would love to say that but I would be lying. I mess up about as much as I walk forward - if not more. But I feel like every time I see more of the heart of God I see how much more I need change. Yet I am blessed so much and I cant wait to see what God has next, once we begin to sleep again... :) Thank God for my wife who gives me the nights off...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Man do I stink at blogging... again

Things have been crazy busy - the cd is going good and should be out sometime in the early part of the year. For now all focus is on this beautiful baby( I am biased, she is still not coming out) and when she will show her face. We are at the point where we cant seem to get anything done around the house because she could literally come at any time... I guess that is not too bad cause it works as a good excuse to hang out around the house. Honestly that gets boring though ( dont tell my wife) if every day we are waiting for baby to come, and no baby. But, we are blessed and I could not ask for better circumstances with lily. we will keep you posted when our world gets rocked again.